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The growing globalization of markets and the development of information technology have changed competition. To maintain their competitiveness level, companies have had to adapt to changes in the environment. Furthermore, if they intend to succeed, they must try to allot their resources efficiently, what may be done by experts to avoid wasting such resources.

In this context, Intercomex gives your company the possibility to access an organizational structure specialized in foreign trade, assuring an efficient management focused on keeping updated with technological breakthroughs.

The main benefits of working with us are our experience and the technology used to keep clients informed and the following:

• Assurance of trustworthy, professional and specialized management.

• Efficient operation with different domestic suppliers.

• Clients are advised permanently.

• Permanent follow-up of operations.

• A structure to assist small and big companies.

• Permanent update on the application of the regulatory framework.

• Fast access to better fees and services.

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