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When buying from any foreign supplier, our client will submit a copy of the Purchase Order, and as of that moment we are responsible from the operation until the shipment coverage.

Our work is:

• Opening a letter of credit, payment collection or bank transfer.

• Hiring insurance.

• Coordination and/or contract of international freight.

• Documentary and operational management with customs agency.

• Coordination of customs duties and taxes payment.

• Coordination of goods delivery in warehouse.

• Bank coverage of letters of credit, collection, and transfers

The first step is submitting a copy of the Proforma Invoice to us and as of that moment we are responsible for the operation until the reception of the Reimbursement deposit, if any.

Our work is:

• Reception of Sales Note or verification and analysis of data therein.

• Presentation and processing of certificates.

• Hiring insurance, domestic and international freight services.

• Coordination between customs agency, shipping company, transport and port.

• Submittal of shipment documents to foreign client.

• Negotiation of documents in Chilean banks.

• Processing of currency return process.

• Payment of operation to the Chilean Central Bank.

• Request reimbursement from the General National Treasury ( Tesorería General de la República.)

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