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The ERP software INFOCOMEX is available for your company, technological platform operating for over a decade in both the Domestic and Latin American Market.

This Software was designed and developed considering all requirements, necessities, and know-how of companies competing in globalized markets.
This state-of-the-art tool enables companies to have a comprehensive control and management of their foreign trade businesses, apart from having access and see the on line status of international purchase-sale operations, keeping detailed control of costs, any differences with plans, access to customized reports, control alarms, management benchmarks, traceability, etc; any and all information relevant for decision making, to manage foreign trade operations efficiently.

We also highlight how easily Infocomex interacts with other systems and Corporate ERPs. Through interfaces, we integrate all stakeholders in the logistic chain, avoiding double typing and ensuring quality data, since data is generated by the issuing party.

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